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Contrast between Book of Duchess & Parliament of Fowles

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ENGL 406
Jacqueline Jenkins

Engl Notes Oct 2, 2012 For Assignment: -Don’t include Title page -Include Bibliography (MLA format) -Number your pages how does the article enhance or alter your understanding of the primary texts? - how did the text change you? Issues and concerns - should be soundly based; not ‘it was hard to read’ Don’t need to know this: *Shelf marks - where it is on the shelf; system of cataloguing for libraries - ex. Bodleian, MS Douce 371, f.12 o housed in Bodleian Library (Oxford_ o MS – Manuscript collection  Manuscript collection name is Douce  Manuscript number is 371  F.12 = folio 12 (12 page of manuscript 371 in the douce collection in the Bodleian Library at Oxford) - BL MS Cotton Nero Ax o BL = British Library o MS = manuscript o Cotton = Collector who donated MS o Nero = Cottons own way of categorizing his books in his library o Ax = A – top shelf; x – 10 books in - Only Universal System that exists = from LARGE to PRECISE o Ex. Dublin  f.12 Lecture: How does this compare to the Book of the Duchess: - harder, more obscure English - not as sentimental as the Book of the Duchess - Narrator is more involved in the dream o Less standoffish narrator o In the book of the duchess – narrator didn’t really understand what was going on, resulted in him appearing standoffish - rhyming phase: ababbcc - Page 282, he puts his hand in the dreamers hands and they walk in together; shows more involvement - Page 100, starting at line 127 - Chaucer invokes Dante o This garden is no
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