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Discussion on Sir Gawain Part III

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ENGL 406
Jacqueline Jenkins

English 406-01 October 30, 2012 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - November 1, 2012 – Translation Test o Format – 2 long passages of middle English with a third shorter one  Identify passage and translate it into modern English (with good Modern English vocab and good Modern English vocab)  Use most simple translations Structure of Today’s Lecture - Pentangle/meaning of virtues o 5 senses o 5 fingers o 5 wounds of Christ o 5 joys of Mary o 5 virtues of chivalry – most important  not religious virtues, but social virtues  1. Generosity  With body and riches  2. Fellowship (community)  homosocial aspect of Arthur’s  3. Cleanness – physical (virginity) and moral cleanness  4. Courtesy  most important  courtesy signifies codes of behaviors that govern/dictate relations between nobles o how people interacted with each other  5. Pity – compassion, empathy o pentangle puts Gawain in a hard spot  if rejects Lady Berdalac, he is not courteous and lacks compassion, if we listens to her he is pure/clean o real test for Gawain is not his courage in facing the Green Knight chopping his head, but if he can deal with his conflicting obligations - page 19 stanza o translations given by author:  fraunchyse – beneficence  fela3schyp – brotherly love  clannes – pure mind  cortaysye – pure manners
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