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Finderin Manuscript and McNamer's Criticism of it

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ENGL 406
Jacqueline Jenkins

English 406 -01 October 16 2012 Findern Manuscript - notes that lyrics have for a long time have been read as written by men o medieval period thought anonymous = men o to be well educated was to be a clergy, and leads to clergymen o monastery = males and females lived together, and usually was headed by a female who was politically powerful and spiritually powerful o Opportunities decreased for women in seeking spiritual life  significant because one of the major pathways women could choose for their lives  no other opportunities for women to choose for their life o males assume women voices; hard to tell whether author was male or female o wide view assumption that there are no women literary authors - McNamer o Assumes lyrics are written by men o Assumptions that are accepted by many people are hard to ignore or to work against those assumptions o Shows us many of the assumptions unravel as soon as we leave the context of lyrics o Manuscript went from being prestigious to being common, not special  Literacy has to increase for this to happen  Parchment is less expensive o Tells us how manuscript was associated with finderin family and other families in close proximity  Borrowed books and said give it back later o Central thes
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