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Discussion on Sir Orfeo

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ENGL 406
Jacqueline Jenkins

November 8, 2012 English 406-01 Sir Orfeo - genre = Breton luis o related to romance o kind of a shorter romance; same theme and topic but its scope is much narrower than a romance o tells story of single event or adventure o tend to focus more on emotion than event o deal with internal lives of characters o romance in middle ages dealt with chivalry and historic settings (battles of virtues, etc.) o big take away = romance is medieval genre, not related to modern romance genre  not really linked together  medieval romance could have romantic love but had many other aspects o most important author- Marie De France  also wrote stories in the genres: spiritual voyage and animal fables and brenton luis  might not be a women, not be one person  don’t know in what context she was from france  may be a nun  would explain her literacy, and relation to court  12 luis related to her  no original brenton luis survived  her examples of brenton luis are the earliest form of the genre  written in French and found in England o brenton luis really influential on Chancor - page14 o line 13 – these luis were generated in Britain and were brought from there o talking about northern France - differences: o ends well o not hell but the fairy land  lady is saved o is set in Winchester o Sir Orfeo hands his kingdom to a steward - Steward of Gondar, Aragorn o Idea taken from the poem (Sir Orfeo) - What emerged for you from this poem? o Connections between Gawain and Sir Orfeo  Parallel between Arthur and
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