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Margery Kempe & Julian - Differences & Similarities

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ENGL 406
Jacqueline Jenkins

English November 22, 2012 Margery Kempe & Julian - Marguerite porete was executed by fire for heresy based on her book Mirror of Simple Souls Similarities: - Comes from the same geographical place o close to London but is distinct - Norwish - Julian - Lynn – Margery Kempe - Similar devotional experiences - Both forms of religious expression that they had challenged religious authority - Same genre of writing – mysticism o Same intellectual communities - Only account that labels Julian as an expert on religious terms comes from a link mentioned in Kempe’s work - Know next to nothing about their literary capacity and their education - Hardly known in their community - No responses to the works - Restricted circulation in the middle ages - Both share a reputation in our modern times o Interest outside academia:  Julian is refered to ask ‘our’ Julian  Focuses on attention away from the intellectual discussion of her works and the work she put in to understand her experiences  Kempe seen as loveable rebel  Extreme feminism  Pulling her out of her historical age  Becomes women’s first attempt to tell her own story, its more than that Differences: - Julian is an anchoress; were dead to the world, enclosed in reclusive, small spaces to be engaged in contemplation o Never left anchorhold (room)  Go in anchorhold without rules opposed to a convent which has rules that they must follow o Symbol of death for the community o Mystical marriage to Christ and marker of death to the world o Was self imposed o Don’t know what her birth name is; she adopted the name Julian after going into the anchor hold o Was popular because it served as an outlet/opportunity for religious women to be spiritual o Another reason was to have a sense of autonomy over themselves  Intellectual, spiritual, religious freedom o Women could go in the anchorhold without being a nun first  Anchorhold was open to all women regardless of status  Didn’t need money to enter the anchorhold o 30 and a hal
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