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The Figure of King Arthur & Its Significance

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ENGL 406
Jacqueline Jenkins

November 15, 2012 English Notes Articles = quotations Journal, title of books = underlined or italicized * be consistent  You hyphenate when you use the word as a noun (ex. 15 – century woman)  Slides on quotations and grammar are posted on blackboard (ex. Colons, semicolons) Expectations for research paper: - 2500-3000 words o about 10-12 pages o 12 point font - look carefully at 2-4 carefully selected sources (ex. 25 page source; journal article, chapter from) and base argument on your own knowledge o do this rather than looking at 10-12 sources with a weakly developed argument - sort out what your focus is and narrow it down - how to find things o use library database for journal searching Paper Topics 2. If doing the second paper, HAVE TO link terms to a coherent argument 3. think about the journey as a theme, motif, etc. 4. talk about masculinity and femininity and both in a linked argument - make sure choices support coherent argument - can talk about lyrics 5. is the hardest to well - one possible way to do this paper is to think about issue of translation - can also look at something like film, graphic novels Lecture - talking about figure of Arthur, and the significance of that figure - histography of the figure rather than the history of the king o histography is the process of writing history - have to start later than 5 century if talking about the figure of Arthur o every theory of Arthur is conceived in the absence of contemporary evidence and thus every account is subject to histography process and desires - first accounts were written in Welsh o 600 AD in Welsh poem The Gododdin we find reference to a warrior who fights well but not as well as Arthur  not as good as Arthur  not about Arthur, but demonstrates that Arthur at this
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