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Earth Dynamic Systems

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GEOG 205
John Yackel

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Earth Dynamic Systems GEOG 205 – Earth Dynamic Systems Relief Building Processes ‘Relief’ – geographic word for ‘height above sea level’ or ‘landscape topography’ - Vertical elevation changes of the landscape (hills, valleys, rivers in valleys, etc.) - Described as high, medium or low relief - Digital Elevation Models – mathematically simulates the relief on a digital platform (also known as a DEM) - Impacts weather, climate, ocean currents o Example: Chinooks due to the mountain range - Read page 27 of textbook for study information on relief and its effects Orders (Spatial Scales) of Relief - First order – continents and ocean basins - Second order – mountain range, plains, lowlands - Third order – individual features at local level Processes Responsible for the Relief - Processes within the earth (endogenic) o Energy from radioactive decay and earth’s formation o Causes movement that dictates where crust is created or destroyed - Surface processes (exogenic) o Wear down the bumps on the surface to create the shapes we see o Energy from gravity and sun (insolation) Ocean crusts are less dense than continental crust, so it subducts underneath the continental crust. GEOG 205 – January 24, 2014 Convection in the Mantle - Convection loop is created in the mantle - On the
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