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Lecture 5

GOPH 375 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Protestant Work Ethic, Flash Pasteurization, Trade Union

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GOPH 375
Alan Russell Hildebrand

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- Memorials and burials
- Memorial services
Ten Lost Years – the Great Depression
- Lack of opportunity for large section of society
- Vulnerable to world economic changes
- Gap between rich and poor
- Higher classes want to return to the status quo of pre-war rugged individualism and
protestant work ethic
- Market being flooded with more product than demand exists for it
- Collapsing prices on raw materials
- Winter of 1932/33 is the worst
- Prairies were the poorest part of the country – dirty 30s, dust storms
- Prairie farm rehabilitation assistance (PFRA)
- Severe malnutrition among children
- ‘back to the land’ theory not useful – what farms hadn’t blown away were already being
- Fear of revolution
- No unemployment in Russia!
- Communist Party of Canada (left-wing)
- No (significant) fascism in Canada (right-wing)
- Aberhart and Alberta Social Credit
- CCF (Cooperative Commonwealth Federation) – eventually became the NDP
- Critiques of the depression thought that the working class needed a party
- We weren’t able to have a modern national government without some kind of social
safety net – national responses were impossible, because any social powers belonged to
the provinces, but they were so impoverished that they couldn’t
- The “government generation”
- Boom and bust
- Banks get scared and call in loans
- Keynesian economics
- Paralysis of leadership
- American economy begins recovering
- Municipal improvements assistance act – spending government money to get people back
to work
- Running a deficit but stimulating the economy
Post WWI
- League of Nations was supposed to keep the peace
- Paris Peace Conference
- Made in Canada nationalism
- Desire to play a responsible role in the world
- O.D. Skelton and Mackenzie King
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