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Lecture 1

GRST 205 Lecture 1: Greek and roman whole semester notes

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Greek and Roman Studies
GRST 205
Colin Ash

Greek and roman 205 Introduction to Greek and Roman 205 How should we study ancient history? The different fields that examine human history o History o Philology o Anthropology o Archaeology What are primary sources? When studying primary sources ask yourself Who wrote this? What kind of text is this? Where was it written? When was it made? Greek or roman source? Audiences and expectations Primary sour Sophocles however wrote three plays for seperate festival competitions many years apart Not only are the Thebans not true trilogy but they are not even an international series Each play relates to the tale of mythological Oedipus who killed his father and married his mother without knowing they were his parents Oedipus the king Oedupis is the protagonist Oedipus infanticide is planned by his parents, Lauis and jocasta to avert him from fulfilling his prophecy Oedipus runs away from his adopted parents to avoid his prophecy When he meets a man at a crossroads he kills him (the man was his father but he didnt know He becomes the ruler of thebes after solving the riddle of sphinx and in the process falls in love with his mother who is the queen The queen Jocasta kills herself after finding out the truth and Oedipus blinds himself His children were always affected by his actions Oedipus at Colonus The banished Oedipus and his daughter Antigone arrive at the town of colonus where they encounter hesus king of Athens Oedipus dies and strife between his sons In the beginning two brothers leading opposite sides in thebes civil war died fighting each other for the thrown Creon enters along with the chorus of Theban elders
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