Information Sources: Ancient Texts

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Greek and Roman Studies
GRST 321
John William Humphrey

Sources of Information: Ancient Texts Written records from the past • Primary Source ◦ An account written by someone who was present at the event. • Literacy in ancient world not widely spread. ◦ Mostly upper classes ▪ Sadly upper class most ignorant of technology ▪ Do-ers are not writers. ◦ 25-35% of people in given area slaves – Upper class does not make up the majority. • Sappho ◦ Only woman who's work survived from antiquity. ◦ Women are much less documented in ancient work, most writers were men who wrote of their own escapades. • Often written records are damaged, such as stone which has been reused for building materials. • Rural society most numerous, but urban dominates the cul
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