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Lecture 3

GRST 209 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Paleolithic, Mycenaean Greece, Lionsgate

Greek and Roman Studies
Course Code
GRST 209
Bryan Natali

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GRST 209 - Jan 15
Periods of Greek History
• Paleolithic (‘Old Stone’ Age)
• Neolithic (‘New Stone’ Age)
• Early/Middle Bronze Age
• Mycenaean Age (Late Bronze Age)
• Dark Age
• Archaic Period
• Classical Period
• Hellenistic Period
• Roman Rule
The Minoans
A bronze age civilization which arose on the island of Crete
Had elaborate palaces, signi6cant wealth and technology
Bull was an important religious symbol (another one is double-ax
-> labrys -> labyrinth, maze-like place built to keep the Minotaur)
Worshipped female fertility goddess (Not much
violence/weaponry, Minoans didn’t fortify their cities)
Didn’t have defensive structures, and they were master of the sea
they could take down anything on water
Were Non Indo-Europeans (They used a non-Greek language,
Linear A script which was no deciphered)
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