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Lecture 3

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KNES 367
Lisa Daroux- Cole

Lecture 3& 4 September 16, 13 - Behavior management o Basically looking to change behavior but not in a negative way - Philosophical approaches to adapted physical education and sport o Humanistic philosophy  Self actualization theory – idea to live your life to its fullest, being comfortable with who you are and stuff  Fully functioning self theory –  When teaching we should be looking at the whole person when teaching  When teaching from a humanistic approach we are looking at the person first  What this mean is that we are looking at how they are feeling, are they safe, and there experience at the time..etc  Difficult with a higher student to teacher ratio in practice.  Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs  Idea that you have to accomplish the bottom ones to reach the top - Applied behavior analysis o Easier to use compared to humanistic approach o This is commonly use even without you knowing o Consequence based***  Based around the idea that the consequence will determine how we behave - Extinction o Basically ignoring the behavior o Sometimes that will lead to a decrease in the activity - Antecedent stimuli or events o ABC  Antecedent – behaviors - consequence o Modify it before they are even in the environment  Such as a seating plan
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