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Lecture 5

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KNES 367
Lisa Daroux- Cole

Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD September 25 13Autism Spectrum disorder o Each person should be looked at seperatly and treated accordinglyalong a spectrumDecreased verbal communicationDifficulty with changeSocial awkwardness one of the most common Could be gifted in a certain area or areasFixiation on object Difficulty reading body language goes along with social awkwardness or social awareness o Some have physical difference but not a lot of Could be bigger head but mostly look like the general population o Some people with autism describe it as locked in own world Autism characteristicso Really depends on the person oUnusual statements sounds or jinglesUsually uses them to soothe themselvesSometimes they cant communicate and they arent completely oblivious and they know what they are saying isnt coming across the way they want it to o Social interac
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