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Lecture 29

KNES 323 Lecture Notes - Lecture 29: Atrial Fibrillation, B Cell, Immune System

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KNES 323
Carol Anne Gibbons Kroeker

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Midterm review:
For the exam:
The diseases you should know are:
Blood and Immunity - anemia, polycythemia, allergies, hemophilia
Cardiovascular - myocardial ischemia and infarct, heart failure, hypertension (high blood pressure), valve
You can ignore the rest (I think!!!)
I will NOT ask you specifics on:
Steps in glycolysis, steps in the TCA cycle, specific reactions where clotting cofactors are used (but know
what cofactors are),
So glycolysis: 1 glucose and 2atp and 2nad are reactants
Products are 2 pyruvate 4 atp and 2 nadh
For one glucose molecule: 36-38 atp
Values: know HEMOTCRIT 45, RV PRESSURE PEAK (30),
don’t worry about blood gasses, Arrhythmias, no diagnoses,
but know 2-3 ECG that you could DRAW****
Atrial fibrillation
Cortisol inc blood sugar
Thyroid blood sugar
Glucagon blood sugar up
Insulin decreases it
Hormons blood sugar levels mainly Immune system,
long answer question****** KNOW THIS
Immune system, long answer question****** KNOW THIS
-non specific, brief decscroption of each
find more resources at
find more resources at
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