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University of Calgary
Law and Society
LWSO 201
Marywyatt Sindlinger

Legal Realism 1) Legal Realism a) Incorporates human agency that legal positivism marginalized or failed to take into account • Law is administered by human beings and we influence legal outcomes • Who we are and our beliefs affects our decision (what the judge had for breakfast) • It’s subconscious • Incorporates human agency – rules are just words on a page if we don’t look at how people behave • They are only implemented by people • Focuses on the individual and what each person brings to the table b) Law is not an object to be empirically studied, nor is it about universal truths • The law can be bent, stretched and twisted to help you arrive at a desired outcome • Keywords wills allow for this to happen (reasonable means, reasonable care – very open to interpretation) c) Functionalist approach – look at both purpose and effect of the law • What is it striving to achieve in society? What is the effect? d) Sceptical about centrality of rules and about determinacy of the law • Sceptical of the idea that rules are as important as we think they are (they aren’t) • Legal formalists: rule plus fact equals specific answers (no matter who looks at it, the outcome will always be the same) - DETERMINACY • Legal realists: Every legal decision is a choice between values – INTERDETERMINACY (not one answer, not neutral) e) Sceptical that judicial reasoning is neutral; views it as a judgment and value laden activity f) Interdisciplinary • Law is a part of a larger and more complex system • It is only one of many social structures (and they are always changing) • Ex. Technology influences the law, and law is still catching up with technology (who has the right to pictures, who owns them, etc.) • Legal Realists: Law needs to realize there are different actions between society and needs to look at how they are
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