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Law and Society
LWSO 201
Marywyatt Sindlinger

Critical Race Theories 1) Theoretical Roots a) Critical Legal Studies b) Feminist Legal Theories 2) Goals a) Rectifying the wrongs of racism while acknowledging that racism is an inherent part of modern society b) Bring to legal analysis perspectives (rooted in race) that were previously excluded 3) Key Concepts a) Ordinariness of racism b) Social construction thesis of race c) Interest convergence d) Differential racialization e) Intersectionality f) Anti-essentialism g) Voice 4) Cases • shafia - critical legal studies (journal entries) • lacy jones mcnight - what we talked about thursday (killing after a break up) • feminist legal theory: know definition : link b/w the material conditions of women's lives w/ the idea that the law constricts and supports those conditions • problems: essentialism • similar to theories • similar b/c it looks at the connection b/w law and power • connection between "racial groups", law and power • people and people OF colour — makes caucasian the standard • 1970s civil rights movement stalled for a little bit - underneath the surface • 1980 - critical race theory developed • look at more settle forms of racism • critical race theory - some of the same ideas as fem. theory • 1 - law is not natural (cultural imperialism- law and the legal system represent certain ideological choices yet claims universality and neutrality) • advantages one group in society and not another, not universal and not neutral • 2 - law is a a value decision and represents particular interests and values 3 goals: 1 - rectify the wrongs of racism (no black school and white school) while agnologing that racism is an inherent part of society 2 - seek long term solutions in the legal system for these problems 3 - legal analysis previously had been overlooked (certain perspectives need to br brought forward b/c they are not represented) key concepts: MULTIPLE CHOICE ON EXAM!!! 1 - ordinariness of racism (idea that race is "normal" or ordinary in sense that it is a common everyday experience for people that are of race) - racial profiling - any action undertaken in the name of safety and security that relies on the stereotype rather than reasonable suspicion and perpetuating the stereotype ( picking out a group) - black person murdering white - different rate of death penalty than white killing blacks 2 - social construction thesis of race - idea that race is a social construction; product of social thought and relations; not objective or fixed - critical race theorists - no biological concept of race - canadian immigration po
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