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Law and Society
LWSO 201
Marywyatt Sindlinger

Law and Social Transformation 1) Social Change as cause of Legal Change a) Law is shaped by society • law is dependent on society • social ideas shape and determine what the law is b) Law is a tool that shapes society • law as social engineering e.g. one child policy in china • Soviet Union laws 2) Problems • They do not have social support • vagueness of the law e.g. grey area • under what circumstances can the law affect social change and vice versa 3) Legal Change as cause of Social Change • society is changing faster recently because of technology advancement • urbanization and change in communication transportation, education etc a) Dror: law can be both a direct and indirect cause of social change • indirect: law shapes institutions in society • Direct: direct relationship between the law and social change. e.g. prohibition, drunk driving etc b) Mayhew: law can result in an extension of both formal rights and formal facilities • Rights: law grants rights to a specific group of people in society and then changing it to include others e.g. women's right to vote • Facilities: creating more opportunities within a legal framework e.g. creation of small claims Courts c) Friedman: law can cause or create social planning or social disruption • law can create new forms of behaviours or structure • blocking existing social
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