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University of Calgary
Law and Society
LWSO 201
Marywyatt Sindlinger

Aboriginal Law 1) Fundamental Premises of Aboriginal Legal Theories • Conception of law is the healing of the perpetrator in order to return to society • Relational connection a) Aboriginal world views are not reflected in Canadian law in general b) Canadian law as applied to Aboriginal people is based on patriarchal and colonial ideas of oppression 2) Examples a) Delgamuukw v. British Columbia • land claims b) Aboriginal women who “married out” • women who married non aboriginal men lost their status and their children's status. 3) Statutory Framework a) Royal Proclamation 1763 • idea that all lands are to be bought by the crown and by treaty and settlers can only acquire land through and from the crown in North America b) Constitution Act 1867 - s. 91(24) Indians and lands reserved for Indians fall under federal legislative jurisdiction c) Constitution Act 1982 – s. 35(1) Existing aboriginal and treaty rights are recognized and affirmed
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