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University of Calgary
Law and Society
LWSO 335
Linda Mc Kay- Panos

LWSO October 15, 2012 Court law, civil legalisation, equality issues, international abuse Court law: before you sew, know the causes of action  Court is a legal, wrong committed by one legal entity against another.  The charter of law does not apply within private relationships, has to be with the government  Governments and sew  The individual who is complaining is called ‘plaintiff’ and the individual getting sewed is called the ‘defendant’  Civil is easier to defend rather than criminal offence  Burden proof and …  Cause of action that is recognized in law (discrimination and sexual harassment is not an action of recognized law) and damages ..  Intentional and unintentional torts o Intentional tort: when you attended your course of action (assault (behaviour of others actions) and battery (in civil law means physical contact) –EX: “this individual has physically touched me without my consent” –in criminal law you will not see the word “battery”, only assault (threats to individual) …when you touch somebody without their consent is called battery, ex: profs husband got hip su
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