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LWSO 335 Sexual Harassment Notes

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Law and Society
LWSO 335
Linda Mc Kay- Panos

See handout 12, written on & saved in folder If someone is being sexually assaulted:  They may feel confused, angry and not know how to handle the situation  They may be uncertain how the supervisor will react  They may not want to rock the boat  They may feel embarrassed  They may be worried their confidentiality may not be protected  Don’t want to file a complaint because of the lengthy wait involved THE CIVIL COURT SYSTEM Non criminal matters Most of our civil system based on ancient principles Legislatures are well within their power to amend things The mass majority is judge made law Tort- One wrong legal entity between one entity and another Must have cause of action- factual situation of which entitles you to bring proceedings and receive remedy No cause of action for sexual harassment You also must show that the behavior of the defendant caused you damag
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