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LWSO 201 Lecture Notes - Deterrence Theory, Mens Rea

Law and Society
Course Code
LWSO 201
Rick Nilson

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LWSO 201-01
March 11, 2013
Social Control-purpose of law
law can lead or reflect law
informal versus formal social control: informal = smaller groups of people; informal =larger
groups of people
formal social control: church, schools/universities, companies, sports teams
incarceration rates are merely increasingly, mostly due to drugs in Canada
Canada does not have a death penalty
denunciation: the attempt to censure an individual for culpable criminal conduct, the court
imposes a sentence to denounce the crime of which the offender has been convicted
Rehabilitation: the attempt to change an individual by promoting law-abiding behaviour. This
usually involves sentencing the offender to some alternative to custody, such as probation with
aboriginals are known to offend 4-5% of the time
deterrence theory: offender thinks rationally
in Canada and America most executions are due to property crimes
actus rea: committed the act
mens rea: you intended to commit the act
in the field of employment: if you are an alcoholic/drug abuser, you are not found guilty and
cannot be fired from your job because this is considered a medical issue
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