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Management Studies
MGST 391
Ahmad Ali Sohrabi

Chapter 18 : Strategies for Critical Periods Large Vs. Small organizations Issues/problems in large organizations: Organization’s structure:  Sharing roles and responsibilities (who does what?)  How much specialization  How many levels of management  Delegation of authority (centralized or decentralized) Planning and control:  Vague accountability  MIS should be in place  Coordination  Reward Slow adoption to change Motivation is down No self-esteem Slow decision-making Solutions:  Decentralized and delegation of authority  Fair pay policies with bonus, awards and rewards  MIS  Delayering in hierarchy  Job design Issues/problems in small organizations:  Over reliance on a few key persons  No economies of scale  Small market area/ restricted range of products  Low bargaining power  Cannot raise money  Can not afford help (from experts) Solutions:  Growth  Specialist servicing  Key person’s insurance Corporate decline 3 types of decline: 1. Declining industries (i.e. Environment entropenvironment is no longer supportive)  Temporary decline (product revitalization)  Permanent decline (end game) 2. Vulnerability  SLEPT  Porter’s 5 forces 3. Declining company (i.e. organization atrophy)  Symptoms (by Stuart Slatter)  Decrease in sales revenue  Decrease in profitability  Decrease in liquidity  Decrease in market share  Lack of planning
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