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Management Studies
MGST 391
Ahmad Ali Sohrabi

Redundancies (Redundancy Plan) Definition: “ Recruitment is the process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for organization’s job” Strategic Recruitment Decisions: 1. Organization based Vs. Outsourcing 2. Regular Vs. Contractual Vs. Leased 3. Internal Vs. External recruitment 4. EEO and Diversity issues Systematic approach to recruitment and selection:  HR Planning  Job analysis  Identification whether employee is to be recruited from outside or promoted inside (from HR Plan)  Evaluation and use of Sources of Recruitment  Selection  Notification of result  Induction training Sources of Recruitment: Internal Search: 1. Organizational database (HRIS) to sort employee data according to job requirement. 2. Employee referrals 3. Promotion and Transfers Advantages:  Good employee relations  Encourages ambitious individuals  Less costly  No adjustment or orientation time required, because already familiar i. Individual with organization and policies ii. Organization with individual Disadvantages:  No new blood, no innovation and new perspectives  Political fight for promotion  Morale problems of those not promoted  Diversity lacking  Requires training External Search: 1. Advertisement (method depends on organization and nature of job)  Newspaper  T.V.  Net 2. Agencies and Professional organization 3. Blind Box ads 4. Schools, Colleges and Universities 5. Unsolicited applications 6. Creative recruitment methods  Banners  Announcing prizes for  Referee  Applicants What must be included in job advertisement:  Information about organization  Primary business  EEO Employer  Information about job and application process  Title and responsibility  Job location  Starting pay range  Contact address  Closing date for application  Desired qualification of candidate  Experience
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