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MKTG 317
D.Lynne Ricker

MKTG Oct. 4, 2012 Business-to-Business Marketing: B2B E.g: -photocopier, cups, pens, paper -Non-consumers -Fewer customers: segments are smaller; customers are going to buy in larger quantities, formal process, bigger purchase -Relationship focus: CMR, Customer Relationship management. -Demand differences Demand Difference: -Derived demand: caused by demand for consumer goods or services Ex. Demand for educationDerived Demand for textbooks Derived demand for paper derived demand for pulp derived demand for forestry products University Purchases: (Derived demand from education) -Software -Computers -Chairs -Cleaning supplies -Books -Coffee, machines -Water fountains -Microwaves -Lightbulbs Business Market Defined: -Business Markets:  All organization that purchase goods and services to use in the creation of their own gods and services  B2B Segmentation: No resellers -Business Marketing:  The process of matching and combining the capabilities of the supplier with the desired outcomes of the customer.  To create value for the “customer’s customer” E.g. Textbooks: have to understand professor’s needs and student’s needs. MKTG Oct. 4, 2012 Examples: Camel Back: Potential Market -Olympic committees - Racecar sponsors -Army -Oil and Gas Company out in the field -Hiking tourism companies -Camps Buying Situations: -Straight rebuy  Recurring purchase, customer re-orders a product that satisfies a need 
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