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University of Calgary
MKTG 317
D.Lynne Ricker

MKTG 317 Oct. 11, 2012 Product Concepts: What is a product, product layers, branding, and product market alternatives. What is the product? -Product:  Needs-satisfying offering from a firm  Physical good, service, idea, person place -Combination of many factors:  Features/attributes  Benefits- true solutions  Services: warranties, support -Informative packaging:  English French language, providing information that is benefit to the consumer, instructions, highlight product benefit, keep good safe (protection), Ex. Cereal company that puts a baking recipe on the cereal box “Rice Krispies”. -Brand Name:  Brand that is going to follow the rules, short, easy to say, easy to spell, memorable, differentiate from competition, somewhat related to product.  E.g. Windex. Brand name that describes the product: Kleenex, aspirin, Product Layer Model:  Describes al aspects of a product  Reveals attributes and benefits Core product: products features or attributes soap with moisturizing cream Functional Product: how the product functions ease of application Augmented product: Augmentation done to basic product packaging Potential product: the true solution the customer gets from the product consumer look younger longer. Example: Oreo cookies Core: chocolate flavored wafers with creamy lemon or vanilla flavored filling Functionality: consumers can eat and enjoy, dunk cookies in milk Augmented: packaging, Potential: snack, fun to eat product, tastes good Benefits: Oreo Commercial -Shared experience with other, family bonding MKTG 317 Oct. 11, 2012 Brand: Brand: any combination of the name, term, symbol, or design, which identifies a seller’s product and differentiates them from your competitors’ products Brand Name:  Letters numbers words (spoken) Brand Mark:  All other aspects of a brand (not spoken) Brand Sto
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