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Lecture 3

MKTG 317 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Swot Analysis

Course Code
MKTG 317
Edmund Gee

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Case Analysis and Group Project 09/23/2015
Terracycle Case
What is the case about (business issues)?
oAbout 2 entrepreneurial guys who make plant food out of
worm poop. Now they make multiple products out of recycled
What is the problem in the case?
oWant to expand to Australia
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis on the TerraCycle Case
oOnly details from the case/course are allowed
o2 points per heading
o3 sentences per point
Things to look for:
oIdentify, further analyze the SWOT, “therefore the company
can _____” (explain)
oNO mention of company in External
oMention the INDUSTRY in OT
Assignment 1 due Oct 9
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