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Lecture 7

MKTG 317 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Calgary Herald, Swiffer, Vitasoy

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MKTG 317
Edmund Gee

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Advertising 11/04/2015
Any paid form of non-personal communication
oAbout an organization, good, service, idea
oHas an identified sponsor
oThe company must pay for it
High reach and Low CPM (cost per thousand)
oReaches a large number of people at a lower cost
oi.e. Advertising in the Calgary Herald, on TV (SuperBowl)
Limited message and expensive
oOnly have time to get across one idea
oMeeting standards is costly
oEveryone sees the exact same thing—is consistent
Less believable/people more skeptical of ads
Hard to measure impact/effectiveness of advertising
Because it is mass, often reach people you might not want to reach
Advertising Objectives
To inform
oE.g. New products (uses), price changes, building image

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oCan also be used to generate awareness
To persuade
oE.g. Building brand preference, encourage switching, product
oCustomer aware of you and your competitors
oGoal is to persuade them to pick your product over
To remind
oE.g. Product may be needed, where to buy, maintaining
oMost products in maturity stage use this
Appeal – central idea of the ad
oApproach used to attract attention of consumers
o2 major functions of appeal
1. Rational
oPractical and functional needs
“Gets clothes cleaner”
“More convenient”
“Save you time”
2. Emotional
oTrigger emotion within the consumer
oSocial and psychological needs
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