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Lecture 8

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NURS 203

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Lecture 8 Venous Disorders Superior vena cava lung syndrome in a smoker with primary lung cancer, now complaining of headache and blurry vision – look at his retina and see retinal vein engorgement, and congested – dx? Superior vena cava lung syndrome – usually due to primary lung cancer knocking off the sup vena cava, leading to backup of venous blood into the jugular venous system and to the dural sinuses; this is a very bad dz, and will lead to death. Usually treat with radiation to shrink the tumor to get normal blood flow. Don’t confuse with Pancoast Tumor – associated with Horner’s syndrome. So, SVC syndrome has nothing to do with Horner’s, as opposed to Pancoast. Varicose Veins Tumors of Blood Vessels: Sturge Weber syndrome – “web… looks like a mini map on their face” it’s a vascular malformation in the face and notice it’s in the trigeminal nerve distribution (making it easy to dz). However, on the same side of the brain there’s an AV malformation, predisposing to bleeding. So, not only a vascular malformation of the face, but also an AV malformation in the same side of the brain, which predisposes to bleeding. Also, these pts are a little mentally retarded. (some pts show it on the entire side of the face) Osler Weber Rendu aka Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia – small telangiectasia in GI. AD inheritance characterized by localized telangiectases of the skin and mucous membranes and by recurrent hemorrhage from these lesions. Spider angioma/spider telangiectasia: If you press down on this, the little tentacles will go away (therefore it blanches) – called spider angiom
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