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NURS 287
Rick Nilson

MULTIPLE MYELOMA  Multiple myeloma, or plasma cell myeloma, is a condition in which neoplastic plasma cells infiltrate the bone marrow and destroy bone.  Multiple myeloma develops slowly and insidiously. The patient often does not manifest symptoms until the disease is advanced.  Multiple myeloma is seldom cured, but treatment can relieve symptoms, produce remission, and prolong life. Chemotherapy is usually the first treatment recommended for multiple myeloma.  Maintaining adequate hydration is a primary nursing consideration to minimize problems from hypercalcemia. Because of the potential for pathologic fractures, the nurse must be careful when moving and ambulating the patient. BLOOD COMPONENT THERAPY  Blood component therapy is frequently used in managing hematologic diseases. However, blood component therapy only temporarily supports the patient until the underlying problem is resolved.  When the blood or blood components have been obtained from the blood bank, positive identification of the donor blood and recipient must be made. Improper product-to-patient identification causes 90% of hemolytic transfusion reactions.  The blood should be administered as soon as it is brought to the patient. It should not be refrigerated on the nursing unit.  Autotranfusion, or autologous transfusion, consists of removing whole blood from a person and transfusing that blood back into the same person. The problems of incompatibility, allergic reactions, and transmission of disease can be avoided.  A blood transfusion reaction is an adverse reaction to blood transfusion therapy t
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