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Lecture 1

OPMA 407 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Project Management Body Of Knowledge, Work Breakdown Structure, Project Charter

Operations Management
Course Code
OPMA 407
David Roberts

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Lecture 3
Activity & Risk
MRQ #2- Project charter- with the high rate of failure, industry said we need something.
1. Purpose- Need to have purpose. A short summary of objectives and project scope.
Everyone needs to say what they think they agreed to for objective. Once you
agreed, make sure everyone is clear.
2. Objective- A more detailed statement of the general goals of the project. This
statement should include profit and competitive aims from the Business Case as well
as technical goals based on the Statement of Work (SOW).
3. Overview- Managerial + technical. A description of both the managerial and the
technical approaches to the work. How are you going to communicate? What is the latest
edition of the project? Subject Matter Experts (SME), good idea if someone checks over
someone's works, at least one other person. Cohesion in project.
4. Schedules- Milestones, this section outlines the various schedules and lists all
milestone events and/or phase-gates.
5. Resources- budget, machines, people. This element contains the budgets by task as
well as the cost control and monitoring plans. Identify what kind of equipments you'll
6. Stakeholder- This section lists the key internal and external stakeholders. It also
contains a time phased plan for the people (or at least the skills) required for the
7. Risk Management- Frequency and Severity. This covers potential problems as well as
potential lucky breaks that could affect the project. Things you need to identify as a
8. Evaluation method-
Work Breakdown Structure
Sufficient detail
1.0 Electrical
1.1 Master Bedroom
1.1.1 Plug ins
1.1.2 Cable
1.1.3 Satellite
2.0 Plumbing
2.1 Kitchen
2.1.1 Sink
2.1.2 Garburator
Agile Project Management
Your to do list. You get it from the WBS. ***Keep it short and frequent.
Task Partial Complete
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find more resources at
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