PHIL 249 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Mother Teresa, Egotism, Relativism

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4 Feb 2016
Philosophy 249 – Morality, Virtue and Society
Week 1 - Introduction
Papers: Friday, February 12 and Friday, April 8
Glossaries: A glossary of new philosophical terms learned in class along with
a brief de)nitions to be written by the student. Turned in on the last Friday of
every month.
oTaberlerasa? A theory about innate knowledge
oAbout 20 words from lecture notes and readings through email
oTerms for arguments, names and positions and
Mid-Term Exam: Friday, February 26, 2016
Intro to Philosophy
Monday, January 11, 2016
Notes on d2l
Intro to Ethical Theory
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Notes, Text intro, pp.1-5
A theory is an explanation
Theory of the Good: Whatever thing in the world that makes actions morally
good or bad
oGenerally a property, people have goodness or badness
oWhat kinds of good constitute the good?
oGoodness is a matter of pleasure
oWhat makes something good is outside the realm of nature. Mother
Theresa ex.
Theory of Right:
oActions are right
oRightness is the moral property of action
oRule and right theory
oDeontology: Systems of Rights + Rules
The right action is one that conforms to the rights in deontology
The legal system is in deontic system
Leviticus rules
Comparative consequences
Considers what will happen in the future
Example – punishment for consequences to help the future
The di<erence between right and good:
oRightness is a moral property and goodness is …
oWhat’s right to do is where the goodness lies but somethings rightness
does not tract the good. Sadistic bigot example.
Egoism/ Sentimentalism
Things that people desire, go to are good.
A foil: A possible explanation shown to be bad to help explain another theory?
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