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Lecture 2

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PHIL 275
Yoshiki Kobasigawa

Lecture 2 Sept 11, 2013 1. Japan does not produce excellent hockey players. But Sweden does. So does the U.S.  This is a series of statemtents. There is no conclusion and there are no arguments. 2. If it rains tomorrow, than the tennis match will be canceled.  Material condition. Truth values depend on the components. The for is if P, then Q. It asserts neither P nor Q. Conclusion Indicators (pg 6) Ex: Therefore P, (*where P is a statement) So P* (“So” can be a directive for a conclusion, but not necessarily.) Hence P, This suggests that P, It follows that P, Premise Indicators Introducing a statement -> premises Ex: Since P, Because P, This follows the fact that P, The reason for this i
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