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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Philosophy 275 Intension/Extension and Definitions.docx

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University of Calgary
PHIL 275
Yoshiki Kobasigawa

Lecture 6 September 20, 2013 Terms:  Common names/ count nouns o ‘buildings’, ‘plants’  Descriptive Phrases/ count noun phrases: Have modifiers. Builds on count nouns o ‘buildings in Calgary’/ ‘tall buildings in Calgary’ Intension: Has properties. Extension Use of single quotes : Talking about the word itself.  ‘Bachelor’ begins with the letter ‘b’. True  ‘bachelors’ are male False : Leaving the quote out  Bachelors begin with the letter ‘b’. False  Bachelors are males. True. Increasing Intension: Adding properties to the set, thereby decreasing the number of things that the word applies to. EG: ‘words’, ‘English words’, ‘English words that begin with s’’,‘English words that begin with ‘s’ followed by ‘a’’ OR: ‘mammals’, ‘large mammals’, ‘large brown mammals’, ‘large brown mammals in Canada’ Extension is a set: {wor1 ,} > {wor1 , wor2 } > {wor1 , wor2 , … , wond } etc. Decreasing Intension: Leads to increasing extension. Two terms can have different intensions but the same extension. The conditions are different, but there can be some with both conditions; thus different in
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