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Lecture 9

Lecture 9: Applying Definitions.docx

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PHIL 275
Yoshiki Kobasigawa

Informative Definition September 27 , 2013 Theoretical Definition ‘light’ mean electrognetic radiation ‘light’ means that which is emitted by such things as the sun, fire, and lamps and is what allows us to see things in our environment. Persuasive Definition Defines a term with the aim of influencing an evaluation of what the term denotes. It focuses on purported bad/good features of what the term denotes, where competent users of the term may not agree with the proposed evaluation. Ex: ‘Conservative’ means a liberal who has seen the light. ‘Conservative’ means a person who doesn’t care about the little guy. ‘pope means a person who is second only to Jesus in perfection. Diagramming Arguments. 1) Identify and number the statements constituting the argument. a. I have never lost my wallet before. b. So I won’t lose it on my trip to Africa. 2) Indicate the relation between premises and conclusion with arrows. a. (Premises) b. (Conclusion) 3) Premises can function as indepen
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