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Lecture 11

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PHIL 275
Yoshiki Kobasigawa

Lecture 11 Enthymemes Oct 4 , 2013 Chapter 4 Begins. Conjunctions as premises. P and Q P Q P Q P and Q and R C C Incomplete Arguments Enthymemes: Arguments with missing premises and/or conclusions. Deductive Forms: Eg: All F are G a is F So a is G Implicitly assuming the : Whenever something is F, it is G. conclusion. These two forms are deductive. a is F So a is G. : I am talking to a mammal. So I am talking to a human. Connection Statement: Implicitly assuming that all The thing I am talking to is a mammal. mammals are human. The thing that I am talking to is human. *Object Feature We also have the form whenever something is an F and R, it is G
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