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Types of Nations Nation-State  When we talk about nation-states we go back to the defining characteristics of the state. (Subjectively constituted)  Where does this attitudinal support come from? Argued it comes from the preexistence of a nation before the state was created in the first place (Naturally created) State formed after the consensus within the nation to create an institutional format for the state. Multinational State  Not the same as a multiethnic state  multiethnic states are largely civic nations. (A group of people, though they are not ethnically affiliated, chose to form a nation for a variety of nations specifically for the purpose of political objectives that they share in common. Transcend ethnic diversity.)  Multinational state – political community that’s comprised of a whole number of nations (2 or more) National groups within the body of a particular state who can test the substance and the institutional structure of the state. Want to carve out own nation state. (Example: Old Soviet Union  held within USSR against their will with force. Attacking identity of the people, led people to form ethnic nationalisms that were direct conflicts with the soviet unions themselves) State-Nation  Opposite of nation-state.  Creates the glue by which consensus is maintained in that
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