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Political Science
POLI 359
Mark Baron

Characteristics of an Autocracy:  Regimes that have no meaningful political competition o Some on the surface has political competition but isn’t actually functioning or meaningful  No meaningful political accountability o Those who govern don’t necessarily govern with the consent of the governed.  No meaningful constraint on political power Just as internally differential as democratic regimes. (neoclassical liberal etc.) Two main forms of autocracy:  Totalitarian autocracies o Official ideology  conforms to ideology. Directs the way in which these leadership groups actually exercise their power. Legitimizes their power and why those who govern are governing and why everyone should subscribe to the rule that these leaders exercise.  Revolutionary  particular process of change, rare events because they occur only under exceptional circumstances. Imbedded with antagonism. Any idea set that is distinguishable from this ideology is completely unacceptable. Everyone is society has to think the same way.  No heterodoxy/orthodoxy o Concentration of power  Totalitarian party  monopolizes power. Eliminates all other oppositional groups that could actually contest for the power.  Monistic  are not monolithic (implies these parties are homogeneous) (because these parties are not monolithic, they must be treated politically and not apolitically) There is only one center where power is
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