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Political Science
POLI 359
Mark Baron

Police States  Only way to control society is to actively survey and intervene through the police  Law is subordinate to the state, no autonomous legal institutions party penetrates all of them.  The police aren’t constrained by law, used by party to further revolutionary agenda, only accountable to party leader  They are extensive, exercise power over and against society as a whole   Mass mobilization: if you want to revolutionize. The party can’t do it alone. Actively encourage active citizen participation, not autonomous independent participation. The participation has to be what the party wants it to be make sure it doesn’t pose a threat to the party. Its party directed.  Mass mobilization regimes, active participation but not autonomous  Statist: state has a role to play in governing the economy for the purpose of achieving the national interests of the state, instrumentalize them to bring about change.   How do they involve themselves into the economy? 1. Right wing totalitarian: Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy 2. Left-wing totalitarian: Stalinist USSR, private ownership is non existent. It creates class and class conflict. State owned property (public) State effort to nationalize the economy. Different types of totalitarian regimes 1. Full totalitarianism – revolutionary and bureaucratic  Engrain all the characteristics to complete the revolutionary transformation of society. Consolidated: Nazi Germany, Stalinist USSR. 2. Incomplete Totalitarianism – Fascist Italy (was legally removed – he was put in prison) Establishes itself
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