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Political Science
POLI 359
Mark Baron

Gorbachev  General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union  Soviet Union is in crisis – political legitimacy crisis and economy. o Time to do something drastic  Response comes in a form of new thinking o To identify his reform agenda for the Soviet Union (remedy for political and economic fronts) o Two dimensions: domestic and foreign policy. o Domestic  three interrelated programs: Glasnost (idea of openness greater transparency, create critical space to encourage participation, reduce censorship), Perestroika (economic system, political – bureaucratic system, police state –party state), Democratizatsiia (effort to restructure political domain for democratizing Soviet Society) Deng Xiaoping  Sino-Soviet Frontier  Soviet naval presence  Vietnam  Cam Ranh Bay  Afghanistan  get out of Afghanistan Socialist Commonwealth  Refers to those states that are apart of the Eastern/Central block of Europe  Been subsidizing them to keep them within the Soviet block and loyal.  Tells comrades in Eastern Europe that you can reform system in their own way. Known by America as the Sinatra Doctrine.  No matter what happens here, we aren’t coming to comrades defense if they don’t try to rectify their governments and go through reform. Brezhnev Doctrine  Legitimize invasion that happened in the first place. Limited sovereignty Brezhnev Doctrine (Limitation of Sovereignty)  Doctrine Soviet Union used to legitimize invasion into Czechoslovakia  Should anyone of the Soviet Unions allies be under threat of reactionary subversion from within or outside, the Soviet Union and its allies had a responsibility to come to the aid of the aggressed state to preserve the revolutionary gains by the proletariat.  Legal duty under socialist duty nationalist law – made sure they didn’t fall to anti socialist revolution.  If you attempt to reform that threatens the established governmental system lead by a monolithic communist party, then the Soviet Union reserves the right to intervene. o Sovereign in a limited way. 1. Too little too late. Soviet Union was largely on its death bed. Nothing there could have been done to save the Union itself. 2. Despite Gorbachev’s work to move obstacles from USSR, he couldn’t lodge him from their privileged position. More Gorbachev tried to change, the more they saw a threat of their power which lead them to hold on more and use their power more to resist movement. 3. Coo within USSR was unsuccessful. 4. Gorbachev could have won this thing, and the only reason why he didn’t was because he got the sequencing wrong. Did too much too fast. Had be approached the question of reform incrementally, the odds are that the Soviet Union would have survived and reformed enough for its ongoing existence. Yeltsin – Shock Therapy Deng Xiaoping  Four Socia
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