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University of Calgary
Political Science
POLI 381
Robert Neil Huebert

History and Development of IR THE HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE FIELD  What have been the key developments in the field? o Most important elements and events o Biggest challenge: Separation from events and ideas o Events strongly impact ideas. Understanding of History  From a field experience you need to go to understand.  Dominated by dominate powers o Dominated by American literature – partly because after the second WW they were in a position to vastly expand their university systems. Normative required ndsire to help the individuals who participated in the 2 WW. o Has only recently begun to re-examine non-European  Focused on “Great” Events o Do you look at great events or cumulative small events? o Wars, events that shake societies eg. Rise and Fall of Roman Empire, 100 years war, WW1, WW2, Greek expansion.  Establishment of Cycles o Rise and fall of empires o War and Peace  Impact of Ideas o Rise and impact of Christianity/Islam  Christianity - effort to move away from a pleonastic religious orientation to a mono understanding.  Religion as ideas o Rationality; enlightenment Organizing Ourselves  Cro-Magnon versus Neanderthal Arrival of the Empires  Middle East/India – River Systems o Tigris; Nile; Indus  Greek/Roman Developments  Christianity/Islam  Ch‟in and Hans Dynasty  Kush  Olmecs/Zapotecs Why?  Level of Technology o Issue – assumption within the historical overview that the development of technology is continuous and inevitable. Thinking that is imbedded.  Capability of War o Outward control  Ability to Control – Power and/versus Ideas  Limits of Distance o No one has ever been truly a world empire  Need to Organize o Defence o Trade Rise of the State  Peace of Westphalia 1648 o Identified as the point in time in our history in which the concept of a modern day state is created. o Treaty – about a series of ongoing wars within Europe. (Territorial, some religious against catholic church) Europe had suffered a series of wars/devastating conflicts. o Wars leading to major elements. o Ultimate impact  two major things. 1. Recognizing there are boundaries between the various people. Prior the Peace of Westphalia, issues of political and religious control disregarding boundaries. 2. The individual rulers of the states have sovereign power over their people. Separates from Church to territorial states.  Separated control of Holy Roman Empire o Kingly/Pope States  Territorial States  Majority of analysts say the reason why it‟s the Europeans is because the Europeans dominated in military and technology during the time which means they could take the concept and move the variant of it internationally.
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