POLI 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Social Movement Organization, New Social Movements, Egale Canada

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Published on 8 Apr 2017
POLI SCI 201 Lecture 13
Interest group
Social movements: loose organizations of groups and individuals working to
bring about the wholesale change of policies, priorities, values, and behavior
by influencing multiple actors
Focus is typically on hearts and minds
New social movements tend to focus on identities, values, and
Interest group also referred as pressure, or advocacy groups: organization
that pursue the common interest of groups of people, particularly by trying
to influence the making and implementation of public policies
Key is that these groups seek to influence policy but not to governed
Differences: structure, hierarchy, tactics, expertise (social movements
lacks leadership and is all over the place and can be violent)
Violence is impossible with interest groups
Have to be hired: need to be educated and that you have to
demonstrate that you are useful to these interest groups
They can seek to govern eventually, example: NDP and Icelandic Pirate
Group have to broaden policy base to income a political party
Black Live movement is a social movement organization (sits in between
social movement and interest group, because it has hierarchy and some
people get paid)
Social movement is least organized Social movement organization
Interest group is most organized
Example: Gay right movements Q Centre on campus Egale Canada
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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