POLI 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Francis Fukuyama, Arab Spring, Liberal Democracy

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Published on 25 Nov 2017
Political Science Lecture 3
Nature of Politics and Political Analysis
Politics: Hard to Define
- The study of politics consists of many things that there is no exact definition
- Is it a noble calling or a corrupt enterprise?
- What extent does this discipline revolve around issue surrounding the conflict
- Ho does oe alloate resoures to soiety? Ho does oe ake olletie deisios…
Harold Lassel
- It a e uderstood as soethig used to deterie ho gets hat, he, ad ho
- In other words, it is used to organize what people get at a certain period of time and how
they’re goig to get it
- There are ay ays to orgaize ho gets that, he, ad ho
Is Conflict Inevitable?
- Karl Marx claims that politics is organized tyranny of oppression against another class
- He believed that if social classes were rid of, politics would be eliminated
- Frais Fukuyaa ed of history thesis eliees that the lieral deoray shall triuph ad
end ideological conflicts
- And thus due to conflicting ideas, conflict is inevitable
- Aristotle and the Greek shall be referred to many times
Aristotle Classifications of States
Number Ruling
Good Form
Corrupt Form
Aristo – Best ray Rule
Rule of the Best
Democracy = Rule of the mob or the rule of the people
Power and Authority:
How a decision is enforced when it is made?
- Power: This refers to the ability to force behaviour and impose it upon others and thus force
them to things without their consent.
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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