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Lecture 4

POLI 381 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Social Fact, Immanuel Kant, Hedley Bull

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 381
James( Jim) Francis Keeley

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January 20th 2016
What causes war? Three broad kinds of explanation
1. Individuals (we’re flawed, sinful, etc.)
2. State/Society (the nature of state and society)
3. System (the nature of the system itself, that it is anarchical, decentralized, this is a very realist
point of view)
Some theories operate on the level of the system. The attributes of the state shape or constrain the actions
of those within it. The people who focus on international society say that it consists of shared
understanding and institutions and units that will be shaped or constrained by the understanding or
A “System Down” Approach:
This approach takes large scale structures and says that they impact individual actors. They say that the
system constrains or shapes. This is very deterministic.
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