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University of Calgary
PSYC 353
Rose Joudi Kadri

PSYC 353 – February 10, 2014 Characteristics of Long-Term Care Facilities - Congruence Approach o Personal well-being depends not just on facilities, but on congruence of person’s needs and the ability of the facility to meet those needs o 80% of nursing home residents perform below their personal ability because of the lowered expectations of the staff  Many are still capable, but if you’re in an environment that is encouraging the stereotypes/labels that you need someone to care for you, you’ll start to act like it’s true Moo’s Approach - MEAP (Multi-face Environmental Assessment P) scale evaluates facilities in the following four aspects: o Physical and architectural o Organizational and administrative staff and policies o Supportive characteristics of staff o Social climate - Enables us to measure and examine separate dimensions of the person-environment interaction independently Social-Psychological Perspectives - Is the medical model best (Langer & Rodin, 1976) - Mitigation factors o Decision to enter NH usually not made by the individual o “Nursing Home resident” and “patient” has a negative connotation o Being overly helpful may actually harm the residents by making them more dependent than need be o Strict routine is detrimental to well-being Can a Long-Term Care Facility be a Home? - Being included in the decision and selection of a specific nursing home - Having a positive experience with the facility - Defining the home in terms of family and social relationships rather than place, objects, or total autonomy - Establish a continuity between home and nursing home Communicating with Residents - Patroniz
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