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PSYC 353 Lecture Notes - Autoimmunity, Psychoneuroimmunology, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Course Code
PSYC 353
Rose Joudi Kadri

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PSYC 353 – January 24, 2014
**See the longevity articles on Blackboard**
**Watched a video about the senior population in Okinawa**
Defining Health and Illness
- Heath – Absence of acute and chronic physical or mental disease and impairments
- Illness – presence of a physical or mental disease or impairment
Quality of Life
- Relating to specific diseases or conditions
oTo what extent does distress from illness or side effects associated with
treatment reduce the person’s will to live?
oValuation of life – Qualitative
- Relating to end-of-life issues
oFunctioning and well-being
oAlzheimer’s (and related dementia)
Changes in Immune System
- How does the defense system work?
- How does aging affect the immune system?
oNot well understood
- Aging is related to how well the system works
- B-cells and T-cells
oNK (Natural killers) – subpopulation of lymphocytes
- Autoimmunity
oImmune system can attack the body itself
oRheumatoid arthritis
- Psychology
- Neurological
- Immunological system changes
AIDS and Older Adults
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