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University of Calgary
PSYC 353
Rose Joudi Kadri

PSYC 353 Changes in Body Build - Differences in the way bodies look over time o Decrease in height and fluctuations in weight  Between mid-50s and mid-70s men lose about 1 inch and women 2 inches  Compression of the spine  Changes in posture o Weight gain then loss  How different between men and women? - Sarcopenia o Degenerative loss of skeletal muscle, and loss of muscle strength o No difference in the rate of muscle change between men and women - Osteoarthritis o Starts in your early twenties, typically o Degeneration of cartilage in the joints – painful, progressive, starts in 50s or 60s o Inflammation of the joints o Normative, just uncomfortable - Rheumatoid arthritis o Non-normative degeneration of cartilage in joints o Typically genetic o Swelling of the joints, much more painful and destructive o Can prevent people from doing many things - Bones o Normative loss in late 30s, accelerates in the 50s, slows in the 70s o Women are more prone to experiencing loss of bone mass o Osteoporosis – bone become brittle and fragile – leading cause of broken bones in older women  Brought about by lack of calcium intake  Fair-skinned women are more prone to developing it  25% of women over 60 have osteoporosis  Preventable with sufficient calcium and exercise Psychological Implications - Gender Differences o Compensation – cosmetics, hair dyes, plastic surgeries - Appearance – as opposed to actual losses in strength and endurance o Exercise and resistance training is useful up to age 90 - Adaptive behaviors o Pain in the joints may reduce mobility o Rehabilitation after hip fractures Sensory Systems Vision - Structural chances - Adaptation – light and dark - Presbyopia - eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects - Cataracts o Cloudy or opaque areas of the lens of the eye that interfere with passing light o Can be surgically removed - Glaucoma o Occurs when pressure in the fluid of the eye increases, either because the fluid cannot drain, or because too much fluid is produced o It can be corrected with drugs or surgery o It must be detected early enough - Retinal changes o Macular Denegeration – affects the macula, a yellowish area of the eye located near the retina at which visual perception is most acute, irreversible o Diabetic retinopathy Psychological Effects of Visual Changes -
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