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Lecture 16

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SOCI 201
Steve Dumas

Bold- Important ***- Will likely be on test ***Will ask about predictions for future (Ie. Law of accumulation) Davis and Moore - Society is held together by consensus; not based upon conflict Conflict theory- Karl Marx - There are usually two groups found in society: “haves/ have nots” - Social relationships to the means of production refer to peoples position in society refer to peoples position in society (Proletariat or bourgeoisie in capitalist societies) - Surplus value is that amount appropriated by the bourgeoisie - ***Alienation- means the separation of things that naturally go together (Marx argued it is very prominent in society, as individuals we are pitted against each other - The proletariat is exploited and experiences alienation - The “law of accumulation” suggests that as the bourgeoisie obtains more wealth. The proletariat will eventually have no money to purchase products- the system collapses - Exploitation and alienation will not be able to continue forever- this will stop at one point or another - Slice of pie can get smaller as long as the whole pie gets bigger Erik Ohlin Wright - There are more than 2 classes in contemporary capitalist societies based upon” - Control of the means of production - Purchase of the labour of others - Control of the labour of others - Sale of ones
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