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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 Racism DUMAS- Sociology.doc

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University of Calgary
SOCI 201
Steve Dumas

- Racism is a combo of both discrimination and prejudice - Prejudice refers to the thought process… generalized unfavorable thoughts - Discrimination is the action… actual practice of denying equality to different groups - Next exam… variety of scenarios of racism, define what type of racism this is Lucius Outlaw (“Toward a critical theory of Race”) - We need to examine the “career” of the term “race” - It is unclear whether the term derives from arabic, Latin, or German source - First (recorded) use in English by William Dunbar in 1508 in a poem - It initially was used to denote a class of persons or things. Darwin suggested that people possessed genetic material and were not able to adjust to their environment (or not). Gregor Mendel’s research research revealed that biological traits were passed on, but not as package deals, instead shuffled like a pack of playing cards. We are NOT clones of our parents. With greater knowledge of human bio, the concept of “race” became increasinglt suspect. Biologists recognized that each race did not necessarily have a particular “hand”. The spread of capitalism led to significant mixing of the races. As well, each person may receive different traits from their parents… we are not simply replicas. “Race” is not a meaningful boological category. Rather,
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