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Lecture 15

SOCI 421 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Process Variable, Differential Association

Course Code
SOCI 421
Tamara Humphrey

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Mentioned, but the relationship was not investigated
Glueck data did not examine role of school or peer groups
Impact of siblings on delinquency often not considered
Goal: Identify effects of school processes, peer attachment, and sibling
attachment independent of structural background or individual dispositions
Structural factors school attachment delinquency
Structural factors school processes
Important socialization
School = x
Delinquency = y
Evidence of a negative relationship between school attachment
(performance) and delinquency
School and Delinquency
Differential association theory: peers have a causual effect
Self selection: Birds of a feather
Link between peer dlinquency and one's own delinquency
Should have an even stronger impact if differential association is
Impact of sibling
Role of Structural backgrounds
Coefficient interpretation
Theoretical Model: Figure 5.1
Theoretical Connection
Conclude with analysis of all social process variables
Evidence of continuance of anti-social behaviors
Full Model
School process variables do not mediate strucutral background factors to
the same extent that family process variables do
(15) School, Peers, Siblings
Wednesday,* March*2,*2016
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