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Reuse of SENG Knowledge and QIP

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University of Calgary
Software Engineering
SENG 511
Guenther Ruhe

Reuse of SENG Know-How/Know-What Why is SENG decision making difficult? - Information is volatile. - People are volatile – They don't always agree! - Decisions are not well understood, have to ensure that everyone understands you. - Lots of objectives to consider/impacts on those objectives. The more you know the more you can re-use and apply similar experience to decisions, ensuring that you make a proper decision! Decisions in SENG are objective to the human who is making them. Decision support allows for humans to harness tools to assist their though process, but it is not designed to replace the human. What is decision support? Facilitation of understanding and structuring of the problem that is being considered. A support system should assist the humans involved in problem solving to come together and make decisions. Can give new perspective on problems through collaboration. Customization of Knowledge Management Presentation of information based on the need of it. For different problems the knowledge must be presented differently. Knowledge that is pulled from your knowledge base must iteself be customized and modified such that it can properly apply to the problem at hand. Once must remember that, like processes, knowledge reuse is limited in that it cannot be directly applied to every problem. It must b
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